11th Nov, 2014
Published by PU-Staff

Know Your Guru – Dr Aditya Sondhi

About Know Your Guru: We know you look forward to the Guru Talk sessions where academicians, industry experts, speak about a chosen topic and hold a discussion. Each month, just before the Guru Talk, we will bring to you a quick insight into the Guru’s life, little nuggets of info that will reveal (or at […]

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6th Sep, 2010
Published by sakshi

Do I take a Professional degree

“I am running… whatever the speed, I don’t get anywhere. This is like running on a treadmill, my endurance is tested to its limits, but what do I gain?” Ah, Sourabh dreaded the start of another similar week as he had experienced since a long time. A bright Monday morning, the beginning of a new […]

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