9th Jul, 2015
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Know Your Guru – Harish Devarajan

Harish has more than 29 years of experience in the corporate and consulting sectors. He has worked in different roles across functions and has been involved in the management, review and launch of various HR processes, policies and systems.

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On Guru Talk this Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 10am, Harish Devarajan will share his insights on how an MBA degree can help change your career, and speak elaborately about the MBA edge.

Guru Talk by Harish Devarajan at 10am, March 15th, 2015

Guru Talk by Harish Devarajan at 10am, March 15th, 2015

Below, excerpts from the interview:

1. Why MBA? How an MBA programme can help us to move further in our life/career?

In my opinion an MBA programme helps to provide an introduction to a variety of Business relevant subjects and topics at an appreciation/interaction level. This prepares the student to have meaningful conversations as also to decide whether it is appropriate to engage a particular specialist approach to any specific visit web situation. The programme also provides the scope to build a deeper level of knowledge and application skills in at least one chosen subject/topic (eg: Finance, marketing, etc).

a. How will this programme help to get a job, for a fresher?

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for people who have a good quality of mind and are willing to put in the required efforts to make things happen. Not all organisations have the patience or the resources to provide the necessary exposure to new recruits with the different aspects of business. Therefore, they prefer to recruit those who have managed to get this broader exposure to the different aspects of business as part of their educational pursuit. The MBA programme has been designed to fill this growing need in the market place. Therefore, all other things being equal one finds that students who have completed their MBA are at a preferred position to those who have done their masters in any other subject when it comes to mid-level employment in business organisations.

b. How can this help to move further up in career, for a working professional?

For those who have already entered the world of business as a junior level recruit based on their under graduate level qualification, they soon realise that the scope for their upward mobility is limited to the opportunities in their narrow professional vertical and the number of openings at senior level for specialists is often far fewer compared to the large number of aspirants. They also find that in middle and senior levels in their organisations the greater need is for people who are able to manage people and situations rather than being specialist contributors in the core functional areas. Therefore, the organisation tends to seek those with the capability to lead people and manage teams with sufficient level of understanding of the domain or subject. (That means they seek generalists with managerial competence rather than functional specialists). This clearly makes an MBA qualification aspirational for those who seek to make faster progress in their corporate careers by becoming suitable for the larger number of mainstream openings in their own organisation as well as others. With an MBA qualification one is able to make shifts from one function to another as well as be able to be work across various domains.

2. Is MBA a brand or a VISA for entry into the corporate?

An MBA acts both as VISA for entry as well as a brand or label that generically describes what those with that qualification may have to offer. Given the broad coverage of the programme and the sharp relevance of the curriculum to the business world it stands out as most appropriate for the recruiters from the business organisations that tend to have the most coveted employment opportunities. Over a period of time, finer distinctions are also made in terms of where the MBA is done from and with what specialisation, which have greater brand value or preferred entry options. This is not necessarily true all the time.

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