11th Nov, 2014
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Know Your Guru – Dr Aditya Sondhi

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On Guru Talk this Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 10am, Dr Aditya Sondhi will deliver a talk on ‘India after the verdict: the first 100 days’.

Know Your Guru: Dr Aditya Sondhi

Guru Talk by Dr Aditya Sondhi at 10 am, September 14, 2014

Guru Talk by Dr Aditya Sondhi at 10 am, September 14, 2014 Topic – India after the verdict: the first 100 days

  1. How important do you think is it for working professionals to upscale (either get a higher degree or pursue a certificate programs)

Extremely important, in terms of continuing to learn and staying in touch with how to learn. Only if one is a student for life, could one hope to achieve some wisdom on the way our various eco-systems work.

  1. Personally, you also pursued your Master’s and Ph.D. while practicing as a lawyer, how did it add to your career growth?

Laterally. It is not my ‘career growth’ that I had in mind while pursuing my studies in Political Science. A practicing lawyer could survive without these! But, the courses (especially the PhD) gave me a better grasp of matters and a more studied approach to the subject. These surely help in one’s approach to the profession.

  1. Could you share three tips that helped you manage your time?
    1. cut out the irrelevant stuff from your itinerary and create mind-space.
    2. meditate on your assignments so you already have a mental picture of what and how much you need to do.
    3. be disciplined enough to stay at the (multi)tasks without throwing in the towel.
  1. What are your expectations from the current government?

That India will be a more equitable and confident State by the end of its term.

  1. Do you think there is a need for people to monitor, closely, what their government does? If yes, why? How does this help one personally?

One must clearly keep an eye on the ethos of the government in place. It is naïve to believe that one is not affected by the policies, prejudices and pursuits of his / her government. Else, we are simply lambs to the slaughter.

  1. What’s your favourite book and why?

Tough question. Love in the Time of Cholera and One-Straw Revolution are up there. As are many others.

  1. How do you unwind after a busy work week?

With some (non-work) writing, public-speaking and (if medicinereal lucky), a round of golf.

  1. How can young professionals in India today find work-life balance?

Well, if you truly love what you do, the balance does take a hit! Often, work is life. But, there’s no gainsaying that many of us pretend to work harder than we actually do. Here, I’d say, ‘Chill out, and get a life! It’s the travels, conversations and music that we will remember eventually.’

(Dr Aditya Sondhi, is a Senior Advocate, practicing before the High Court, Karnatka and Supreme Court of India. He was a speaker at TEDx Marathahalli.)

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