28th Oct, 2014
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Backlinks: Building credibility & relevance

As the fourth post in the series, I felt it will be good to do a recap of the topics we have touched upon before I move to today’s topic – backlinks. Starting off with online marketing why it’s important to nose diving into SEO and the important items within it like keywords and backlinks, it is a way to get to understand the changing world of marketing as it is shifting to the online world.

And to continue this quest today I will look closely at another important SEO item – backlinks. Last time, we figured how keywords placed appropriately can help enhance a site’s change at being listed high on the search engine query. Moving in the same direction, backlinks provide a similar chance – increasing the site’s potential to be listed on the top. I’ll share my experience from long ago when I didn’t realise what I was doing meant something important. Mostly likely a lot of you have done something similar.

Back in the day when I had started a new blog (did that a lot!) and shared it with a colleague, he shared his and we had a deal, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. And it worked well until one of us stopped blogging (most likely it was me).

Now, why would this be of any interest to you or the topic at hand – backlinks because that’s the incident that came to mind when I wondered how to introduce the topic. Apart from commenting on one another’s blogs we also shared each other’s links on our blogs, occasionally. Back then we didn’t know that what we were doing had a term, we were backlink-ing.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that either you share on your site or when your sites’ link is shared on another site. There are two types of backlinks – inbound and outbound. When a link from your site goes to an external site it is called an outbound link. When a link from an external site lands on your site it is called an inbound link.

Why is it important?

In the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) game, it appears that if you have backlinks it gives you a certain level of credibility. One would wonder why? Let’s see, well, when the crawlers are roaming the web pages they also follow links. From keywords to links, the latter has a higher level of credibility. However, the credibility really depends on the quality of content. Good quality content ensures higher credibility.

When crawlers follow the link and notice that there is a relevance of content on your site to the external site or vice-versa it identifies that the content is relevant and useful. For instance, if you are a bakery and you backlink to a store that also sells ingredients then there is a relevance – both sites are about baking and baking products. As opposed to if you were to backlink to a site that deals with leather products. There is no relevance or connect!

Therefore, one also needs to be careful when they backlink or get requests, while you make backlink to sites that may be completely irrelevant to your sites, but know that it may Male frigidity – definition be a disadvantage to your ranking on the search engine.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, backlink is nuanced and we will cover some more ground in the next post!

 (This post is written by Vaishalli Chandra who recently joined avagmah & she will share her experience as she picks it up on the go. And she’s realising some topics do take more time to understand than others!)

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  1. cornerstonemarketingsolution October 30, 2014 at 8:56 AM

    I feel like I am free falling when it comes to backlinks! This broke it down into terms even I can understand! Thank you.

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