10th Oct, 2014
Published by PU-Staff

5 Tips to Ward Off Suicidal Thoughts

“One person commits suicide every 40 seconds,” a UN report says.

Suicide is almost always avoidable.  And today, on World Anti-Suicide Day, we can surely read reports on the numbers and how grim the situation is, but the need of the hour is to focus on how we can prevent thoughts of suicides turning into reality.

Onus lies on each of us, individually.

  1. Accept: that at one point or the other things may seem too overwhelming and our thoughts will go down that slippery slope of suicide.

This is a time when we feel like stay aloof and alone, instead try to be with family and friends. Informing them about our feelings can help – sit and have a talk about what’s playing on the mind.

  1. Reach out: to friends or family, speaking to someone close helps us get to see the situation from a different perspective. They can help us see that the situation isn’t as bad as we think it is and that things will get better.

If you need to speak to someone who wouldn’t judge, calling the helplines  can be helpful too as they are trained to give an understanding ear and listen to you – without judgment or doubt. Instead they can give us that encouraging nudge to look at the bigger picture, moving us towards finding a solution (they won’t find a solution for us that only we can do).

  1. Delay it: When you have strong suicidal thoughts try and postpone it, by a day or two, a week, this will help you to reach out to someone in the meantime, or better still run an errand, busy yourself with work or home tasks, such a distraction can push negative thoughts away, filling your mind with “things-to-do” ones and that can make all the difference.

Having something to look forward to, to do, can pull you away from thoughts of self harm.

  1. Eat healthy: We often take our food for granted. Eating healthy – fresh fruits, balanced meals can help nourish the mind as well as the body. In fact, this means having at least three meals a day, clocking eight hours of sleep can keep your mind and body rested, a healthy body ensures a healthy mind.

Substances like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes that heighten our suicidal thoughts should be avoided.

  1. Talk to a doctor: Suicidal thoughts could be an indicator of an illness that we may not be aware of, therefore, it is best to speak to the doctor who may be able to get to the root cause.


Suicide is almost always avoidable – re-stating it for effect – let it not alienate us from our loved ones.

Do share this widely among family and friends, speak out openly helps break the silence around suicide and we never know, it could bring back someone from the brink of suicide.

If you have any tips to prevent dailyhealthymale suicide, we would like to hear from you, too.

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  1. thekyrahbanks September 10, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    This is very helpful. Suicide for some is the best solution they can think of in escaping sufferings. Re-focusing energy and thoughts to other things that are fulfilling will help them forget about suicide.